Retail clean energy provider Green Mountain Energy Company recently announced that it has expanded its services into Pennsylvania, where it will offer electricity rates at comparable prices to customers in the PECO and PPL service territories.

"Green Mountain has been supplying renewable energy to retail customers longer than any other company and we're excited to bring this experience to Pennsylvania where the demand and passion for cleaner energy is strong," said John Holtz, director of market development for Green Mountain Energy Company.

Green Mountain customers in Pennsylvania will now be able to choose a product that best suits them, including the choice of which renewable energy product they would like their energy to be generated by.

"We work hard to ensure there are cleaner energy products that fit the various needs of both our residential and commercial customers, which is why Green Mountain offers multiple service plan options," Holtz added.

According to Pennsylvania Live, the state has greatly benefited from energy deregulation laws that have been passed, as the state's electricity supply was once governed by nine regional monopolies, compared with the dozens of retail providers that are now in the state's competitive retail electricity market.

Author: Adam Cain

Adam Cain

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