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    Green Mountain Energy Company, the Austin, Texas-based electricity provider, announced its plans to celebrate the 10-year mark of electricity deregulation in its home state.

    Texas opened its electricity market to competition in 2002, taking the unusual step compared to other states of jumping wholeheartedly into an open market for most of its residents.

    Since then, Texas has become the model for electricity deregulation across the U.S., regularly receiving recognition as the most competitive market and consistently garnering an "Excellent" rating from the Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States.

    "Opening the market to retail competition enabled Texans to not only choose their electric provider, but also choose the source of energy they want to support," said Paul Thomas, president of Green Mountain Energy Company. "As the first electricity provider in Texas to offer renewable energy to residential and commercial customers, Green Mountain is proud of the role we have played in the growth of renewable energy in the state and the success Texas has modeled for other states."

    Texas has become a national leader in wind power in part thanks to the support of electricity companies that have offered residents the choice to support renewables such as Green Mountain Energy.

    To celebrate this landmark, the electricity provider has announced plans to begin customer engagement programs through mediums like festivals and social media.