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    North Aurora Village, located in Illinois, will soon have the option to utilize green electricity starting September 1, 2013. Residents and small businesses will be able to power their locations with electricity generated from wind and solar.

    The Village Board finalized a one-year contract with Verde Energy USA. Verde will provide renewable power for non-industrial customers, opposed to coal or gas-fired generated power. The initial rate provided by Verde will be 5.33 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh).

    Trustees of the Village Board agreed to seek an environmentally friendly power company for the community. After receiving a quote from Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), the trustees sought out other options which lead them to Verde.

    "There's less than one-tenth of a cent difference between buying coal-generated electricity and wind or gas-generated electricity," asserted Trustee Chris Faber, who added that he's been buying his home's electricity from a green vendor for several years. "There are only three registered green power communities registered in Illinois, with one more scheduled to go online this year. I think we should discuss this to see if North Aurora wants to be number five. I don't want to say we should pay more than the ComEd rate, but if it's only one- or two-tenths more we should consider it."

    Verde's proposed rate of 5.33 cents per will run through May 2014, which is lower than the 5.51 cents per kWh ComEd is charging now and its anticipated winter rate of 5.47 cents per kWh, according to a village press release.

    The contract does allow a rate increase to a maximum of 6.50 cents per kWh next summer, but customers will be able to switch providers without termination fees or other penalties if they choose.

    Trustees voted to switch electricity providers after Integrys Energy Group Inc, which served the village for two years, raised its rate above ComEd's current rate. The village will get power from ComEd between July 1, 2013 and September 1, 2013 when its contract with Verde will take effect.

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