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    A new start-up business in Atlanta could mean lower electricity rates for area regional electricity customers, as it will promise rebates to those who sign up for power from what would be the only competition for Georgia Power Co., The Florida Times-Union reports.

    According to the media outlet, Georgia Solar Utilities Inc., (GaSU) which began as a 2 gigawatt solar power company, recently announced it hopes to build an 80-megawatt solar farm in Georgia, if approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Now, Georgia Power and the Georgia Solar Energy Association are still evaluating exactly what it would mean.

    Even officials at Georgia Solar are unsure about the request.

    "There are obstacles. There’s no question there are obstacles, but you have to look at the rewards," GaSU President Robert E. Green said at a Capitol news conference. "We don’t know what it’s going to take, but we are prepared to go through legislative action if necessary."

    The decision could mean a shakeup for Georgia's power industry, which for 40 years has been divided into regional monopolies.

    Although Georgia's gas energy has been deregulated, the state still has not implemented electricity deregulation laws, which have been introduced in several other states, including Rhode Island, Oklahoma and New Mexico.