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    GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA, one of the country's largest competitive retail energy providers that supplies electricity to commercial, industrial and institutional electric customers, recently held a webinar that discussed the current state of the retail energy sector. GDF currently serves a number states that have implemented energy deregulation laws, which allow residents to shop around for the best electricity rate and switch providers if a better option is available.

    The webinar's goal was to help businesses operating in utility Ameren's service territory ready themselves for the changes that will soon come to the Midwest independent system operator (ISO) which will include a change to the resource adequacy model. The event was free to encourage as many viewers as possible, and started at 11 a.m.

    The presentation, titled "MISO/Ameren Market Update: New Resource Adequacy Issues," addressed several factors that customers may face when they go about choosing a retail energy provider, and sought to outline an energy management program these suppliers can follow as MISO implements its new resource adequacy model. A wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional electricity buyers took part in the event.

    "MISO's new structure is going to bring some potentially significant changes in terms of product offerings and costs for consumers in the Ameren utility territory," said David Braun, Regional Vice President of Sales for GDF SUEZ Energy Resources. "Understanding how the market will operate when this transition is complete will be essential for choosing a contract that's right for your business."

    Braun, who has been working in the energy and utilities industry for more than 20 years, led the webinar alongside Karen Dietz and Scott Fotre, both of whom work for GDF SUEZ Energy Resource. Dietz serves as the Manager of Supply, as well as the portfolio manager for the entire MISO region, and has nearly 10 years of experience in the industry under her belt. Fotre is currently the regional sales manager and is responsible for spreading awareness of MISO's new policies to all electricity buyers in Ameren's sales territory.

    GDF is one of several retail energy providers that have cropped up in deregulated states, which include Delaware, Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio and several others. GDF alone has more than 80,000 accounts in these states.