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    Are you a current PECO customer? Well now is a better time than ever to shop for electricity. FirstEnergy Solutions recently announced that they are no longer renewing or accepting PECO customer electricity plans. For PECO customers, this means that after their electricity plan expires with FirstEnergy, they will have the default PECO rate which could very well be a higher rate.

    The good news is PECO customers with FirstEnergy do have some selections they can make. Even though FirstEnergy will fullfill the electricity plan for the duration that it runs, they are also willing to waive any early cancellation fee if a customer wants to switch to a plan with another provider. This means that customers can shop electricity rates from providers such as TriEagle, Frontier Utilities, Constellation and conEdison Solutions without any risk of penalty. Now if a PECO customer decides to go with the default PECO plan after the FirstEnergy plan expires, they are looking at a current rate of 8.49 cents per kWh and a rate of 8.33 cents per kWh in December.

    Currently these rates are higher than many of our current providers, such as the TriEagle 36 Month 7.96 cents per kWh plan. If you are a PECO customer, be sure to check your rates today as you may be able to gain savings with the current options available.