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    May 15, 2013

    The retail electricity provider, Energy Plus, has expanded its service territory and is now an available electricity provider in the District of Columbia. Energy Plus already sells retail electricity to more than 200,000 homes and businesses in deregulated electric markets in nine states across the nation.

    Commercial, industrial and institutional customers in the PEPCO service area in D.C. are eligible to sign up with Energy Plus. The retail electricity provider offers competitive rates as well as hefty rewards programs which other electricity provider most often reserve for residential customers.

    Electricity plans offered by Energy Plus are simple and convenient. There are no sign-up fees to start doing business, and there are no cancellation fees if your business decides to switch to another provider. Rates offered are variable, and fluctuate according to region, wholesale electricity market prices, costs to purchase electricity, and other factors. Each month, your business will be able to compare the rates it is paying with Energy Plus to the default utility, PEPCO's rates in order to ensure savings.

    Each time your business pays its electric bill, it will earn 2% cash back on the annual charges paid for electric supply through Energy Plus. There's also a $25 enrollment bonus after two months of active service.

    Energy Plus is a subsidiary of the major utility holding company, PPL Corporation. The retail electricity provider offers electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and other products and services to residential commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.

    Selecting a Retail Electricity Provider for Your Business

    Unlike residential customers, businesses must shop around for their electricity supply by contacting several providers to negotiate the lowest rates. Unfortunately, this is a time consuming process.

    To find out if Energy Plus is available to serve your business, fill out our Business Electricity Rate form, and we'll contact Energy Plus as well as several providers in your area to negotiate the best rates. The service is free and there is no obligation to sign up with a provider unless you choose to do so.