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    Andy McWilliams, president and CEO of energy marketing company Momentis, will host an energy deregulation training seminar in New Jersey, where he will speak alongside several industry professionals to discuss the ways energy deregulation can benefit customers by helping them find the best electricity rate for them.

    The seminar will also touch on the many opportunities deregulated energy markets have for a wide range of industries, which can profit and grow their business thanks to the far-reaching effects of a competitive energy market.

    It is fitting that the training seminar is taking place in New Jersey, where a deregulated energy environment has paved the way for several retail energy providers to set up shop in the state. With so many alternative electricity providers, customers can now shop around to find the best electricity rates, or even specify where their electricity comes from, and which sources are used.

    According to New Jersey Live, energy deregulation has served New Jersey's electric customers well, with rates dropping considerably since 2010 as more ratepayers seek out the best electricity rate.