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    The past two decades have seen several states adopt energy regulation policies, allowing residents to shop around for the best electricity rates and switch energy providers when a plan was better suited to their needs.

    Now, as more people realize the power of switching independent electric suppliers, many are also learning about the benefits of receiving all of their power from renewable energy. This has led to a boom in the wind energy sector as going green continue to be all the rage.

    "Deregulated energy markets give people the power to choose which company they purchase energy from. Whether someone is looking for low rates or a specific form of energy generation – such as wind energy – deregulation allows them to sift through the pile of energy suppliers and support the company they feel fits their needs best," wrote David Dandy for the blog Wind Ninja.

    Nowhere have energy deregulation laws and wind energy taken off together better than in Texas, where 28 cities currently benefit from a competitive energy market, and where 10,377 megawatts of wind energy capacity have been installed.