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    As reported by Channel 11 News, utility Duquesne Light has left half a dozen homes in shambles a month after a transformer explosion in Pittsburgh. Homeowners say that their costs are mounting, and the power company is denying any responsibility in the damages.

    "It literally shook the whole house and took me off balance," said Janet Solli of the transformer explosion that rocked her home on Ridgeway Street. At least six other homeowners said a day after a powerful storm moved through last month, a pole-mounted distributor burst into flames, sending a power surge from home to home and frying electronics.

    Sollis filed a claim with Duquesne Light and in return, they sent her a letter, saying their investigation determined "the damage was caused by weather rather than Duquesne Light operations without finding of negligence, we are unable to reimburse for your losses."

    However, the homeowners, who are now out thousands of dollars, don't agree with the power company's conclusion.

    "I’m very, very disappointed," said Sollis.

    When contacted by Channel 11 News, a representative for Duquesne Light reiterated what was stated in the letter, saying the explosion was something that could not have been prevented, so the company is not responsible for any loss of personal property.