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    The adoption of electricity deregulation in Illinois has caused a great stir through much of the state, as more and more electricity providers flood customers with offers, according to The Telegraph.

    The state has only allowed residents to switch electricity providers for the past four years, but serious competition has only begun even more recently.

    Officials from the town of Bethalto have noted recently, however, that many residents have begun to see a variety of different advertisements from electricity providers, ranging from post cards to letters to door-to-door salespeople.

    One official, Mayor Steve Bryant, warned residents not to make a switch too quickly, on concerns that they might end up paying higher electricity rates if the town decides to join an aggregation plan. In particular, Bryant worried people might face cancellation fees if they wanted to switch.

    But the electricity suppliers in the state actually offer a wide variety of different plans, many of which allow residents to change providers again at no cost. Many residents might find lower electricity rates with an independent electricity provider, but those worried about seeing a better deal later can also keep their options open.

    By December of last year, nearly 262,000 Illinois residents had chosen to switch electricity providers, according to Plug In Illinois.