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    Residential electricity customers were given the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their energy provider and other electricity technology leaders at a community summit hosted by National Grid in Worcester, Massachusetts. Energate Inc. was one of the companies participating in the Green Today/Growth Tomorrow event from September 19 to 20.

    The electricity provider demonstrated its newest devices, software and other home energy management solutions, allowing consumers to get an up-close view of the company's offerings. The business specializes in home energy management and demand response solutions.

    At National Grid's Worcester event, companies participating will allow consumers to have a say in the energy efficient programs and other initiatives.

    "The Summit is an excellent opportunity to explore how we build upon the qualities that make our community special while taking advantage of new investment in sustainable development and smart energy technology," Cheri Warren, the vice president of asset management at National Grid, said in a statement.

    Energate is a quickly evolving business that allows energy companies to utilize new technological advancements that can improve the delivery, convenience and management of their supplies. According to the company's website, Energate has been in business since 2004 and has offices in North Carolina, California and Toronto.