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    The introduction of electricity deregulation around the U.S. has caused more than its fair share of confusion and consternation among many customers.

    The White Lake, Michigan, Patch reports that a significant number of residents around Michigan and other states with open electricity markets have made complaints about "pushy" door-to-door salespeople.

    Many alternative electricity providers make use of door-to-door salespeople because so many residents are still unaware that they have any kind of choice about their electricity company. But Bethany Ruhe of Houston-based electricity provider Direct Energy explains that the unfamiliarity of shopping for electricity in this manner has made people wary of sales pitches.

    "People are skeptical and rightly so," Bethany said. "They are used to shopping for insurance, cell phone rates … they are not there yet with energy. They don't have their brains wrapped around it."

    By comparison, she explained that customers in Texas, where electricity deregulation has both a long history and strong support, are much more comfortable with the process. As a result there are fewer complaints.

    According to the state's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, however, Michigan currently imposes a 10 percent limit on what portion of the electricity market can use alternative electricity providers.