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    With electricity demands at their highest in the summer months, Connecticut Light and Power(CL&P) is taking preparatory steps to ensure proper service to all customers.

    "While we work year-round to make our system stronger, the specific preparations for the summer months actually begin during the previous fall," said Ken Bowes, Vice President of Energy Delivery Services at CL&P. "This year, we're investing about $30 million in our system for greater reliability and to reduce the possibility of service interruptions for our customers, especially during the hot summer months when our system is pushes to its limits."

    To prepare for the summer of 2013, CL&P has been completing various actions. To begin, CL&P has upgraded underground energy systems that serve densely populated areas. Additionally, CL&P has conducted both helicopter infrared surveys and ground surveys of the transmission lines for over 200 electrical substations. Through the survey process, CL&P can identify potential trouble spots and make repairs. The completed repairs will boost electric circuit capacity allowing an increase in electricity capabilities for customers.

    To keep energy bills lower, try a few of these energy efficiency tips for the summer months:

    Keep the cool inside The use of blinds, drapes, and shades help to block sunlight out. Sunlight adds summer heat to homes which makes it harder to keep the indoor air cool.

    Monitor the thermostat Save energy and money by placing the thermostat at a moderate temperature. Air conditioners not only produce cool air but they remove humidity from the air. This will make the home feel cool even at a slightly higher temperature.

    Cook outside Cooking in the kitchen will certainly heat up your home. Try cooking outside on a grill more often whether propane or charcoal.

    Monitor the fridge and freezer Always make sure to vacuum and clean the coils regularly. Be conscious of opening and closing quickly too.

    Switch Electricity Providers Aside from executing mindful energy usage, switching retail electricity providers can also enable lower rates for the summer months.