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    Illinois businesses have an increasing number of options for their electricity services since the implementation of the state's electricity deregulation rules. One of the interesting opportunities that businesses can take advantage of is something akin to aggregation among businesses.

    Electricity aggregation is when a town decides to collectively negotiate for lower electricity rates, using numbers to push prices lower. However, these policies lock residents into the service the town chooses, often times with an option to return to the original utility company, which usually offers a higher price.

    The Chicago Tribune's TribLocal reports that the GLMV Chamber of Commerce has introduced a new program in partnership with electricity suppliers Progressive Energy and Direct Energy Business that makes use of the same principle as aggregation, without the loss of options with town-run programs.

    "This program can assist members in gaining access to electricity purchasing opportunities and pricing that are normally only available to larger businesses," Alese Campbell, GLMV executive director, told the TribLocal.

    By October of this year, Plug In Illinois reports that nearly 180,000 residential customers had chosen to switch electricity providers and businesses have similarly followed suit.