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    August Energy Savings Tips

    It’s the middle of August which means high temperatures and high energy costs. See below for tips on how to stay cool while saving on your energy bills this month:

    1. Clean or change your air conditioning filter – With the rising August temperatures, air conditioning becomes a nice break from the heat. Make sure your air conditioning is running at its optimal level by cleaning or replacing the air filter. This can also help prevent your air conditioner breaking down in the future.
    2. Make sure that outside windows and doors are closed tightly- You want to be cool but you also don’t want to cool down the outside of your house. When you have your AC running, be sure to close your exterior windows and doors that lead to the outside. Also make sure that there are no spaces around your doors that lead to the outside as the cool air can easily escape them. Cooling the outside makes your air conditioning run more, increasing your electricity bill in the process.
    3. Use fans- If the temperature is bearable outside, turn off the AC unit and use floor and ceiling fans. This will help you cut down on your Summer electric bill asa ceiling fan uses no more electricity than a regular light bulb.
    4. Put up shades, blinds or drapes– These items will help protect your home from the sun’s heat and will help you limit your air conditioning usage.
    5. Close unused air vents– Are you a Central Air customer? Well if so close unused vents in rooms that you don’t go in frequently. You should only pay for air conditioning in rooms that you are using.

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