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    On Tuesday, people from all over Michigan will head to the polls to vote on new renewable energy mandates that would add an amendment to the state constitution that requires 25 percent of all the state's power be derived from renewable sources by 2025.

    According to Triple Pundit, the language of the bill defines renewable energy as wind, solar, biomass and hydropower, and stipulates that the specified amount of electricity in the state's retail market must come from these clean sources. Utilities must integrate the sources incrementally and "in a manner that fosters a diversity of energy generation technologies."

    "We chose a constitutional amendment because we thought it offered the most direct path to put a clear proposal in front of the people of Michigan so that they understood what they were voting for and they could feel confident that their vote was actually for renewable energy," the proposal reads.

    If it passes, the legislature would be another forward step for advocates of a stronger renewable energy policy. With more renewable energy sources available, customers who are eligible to choose their own electricity provider can look for both the best electricity rates as well as 100 percent renewable energy options.