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    The Texas Public Utility Commission recently announced that almost 60 percent of all electric customers in Houston have benefited from the state's energy deregulation laws, which have prompted many customers to switch retail energy providers, KUHF Houston Public Radio reports.

    In the last decade, a number of resources have been developed that aim to help residents during the switching process. More than 100 retail providers have cropped up around the state, many of which have created several unique programs that give customers a number of purchasing options.

    "Most areas of Texas are covered by a competitive retail electric market. That means the customer should shop for an electricity provider to find the best value," the PUC said.

    The commission designed a website, now in its 10 year, that helps residents choose which provider they want to buy from, the media outlet stated.

    "The website is designed to provide an accurate comparison between provider and provider. When you see cents per kilowatt hour rate on the website, that is a straight comparison from provider to provider," the PUC added.

    According to Energy Deregulation Texas, deregulation was implemented on January 1, 2002, and has since been phased in over the course of the decade.