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    Massachusetts- Electric Utitlities in Massachusetts, Eversource Energy (NSTAR), Western Massachusetts Electric Company and National Grid, will be refunding $7.7 million to more than 100,000 customers due to the now non-exsistent bill recalculation rule. This bill recalculation rule required electric utilities to recalculate a customer’s bill if they switched providers in a six month timeframe and with the winter that Massachusetts had last year, a lot of bills were recalculated leading to many frustrated customers.

    When looking at how the $7.7 million will be broken out across utility, NSTAR will have the bulk of the payment, paying $4.13 million in refunds. This results in an average refund for a residential customer of $73 and $352 for a commercial customer. National Grid is next on the list and is planning to refund $2.3 million which is a $46 average refund per customer. Western Massachusetts Electric Company will also be refunding $1.27 million to customers, leading to a $64 average refund per customer.

    Source: Mass Live