Staying Cool to Lower electric bill

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Staying Cool to Lower electric bill

Trying to stay cool this summer without running up a huge electric bill? It can be tough when it feels like a sauna inside of your home and you know instant relief is just turning on the air conditioner full blast. But, before you reach for the thermostat, check out these 6 ways to help keep yourself cool and your electricity costs low.

Breathable Bed Sheets

breathable sheets to stay cool

One of the worst times to be hot is when you are trying to get to sleep. Heavier material like silk or polyester will only trap the heat next to you making you even hotter. Light-weight cotton sheets are breathable and provide more airflow to keep you cool while you sleep.

Stay Away from Using the Oven

grilling to lower electric bill

Using the oven will only increase the temperature inside of your home. If it feels like 100 degrees in your house than the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven to 400 degrees. Some possible alternatives are to grill outside, order in or go out to a restaurant (with AC).

Use an Air Circulator

fans can lower your electricity bill

Fans are great when they are pointed right on you at full speed but if you want to cool down an entire room you should consider getting an air circulator. Air circulators are meant to push air around the entire room creating a draft and a constant cooling effect. Products like Vornado can keep a room feeling cool using very little electricity.

Sun Out by Day, Heat Out by Night

close blinds to lower electric bill

Keep your blinds closed during the day to block out the sun. Sun shining through a window into your home can have a greenhouse effect and raise the inside temperature fast. At night, open a window in your bedroom and let the heat out and the cool breeze come in.

Cool Down With Spicy Foods

spicy foods can cool you down

Drinking cold beverages and taking cold showers can serve as immediate ways to cool off from the heat. But, for a more lasting cool down, try some spicy foods. While eating spicy foods on a hot day may not seem very pleasant, it raises your internal temperature to match the outside temperature and causes you to sweat. After your sweat has evaporated, you cool down and stay cool for much longer.

Get New Light Bulbs

new light bulbs can save money on electric bill

If you have old incandescent light bulbs, consider switching them out for energy efficient LED light bulbs. A study by the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) concluded that Incandescent light bulbs convert 90% of the electricity they use into heat. By using a more energy-efficient light bulb you can save yourself some money on your electric bill and keep your home cooler.