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    The list of the most and least energy-expensive states was recently published by WalletHub and there are some very interesting findings in terms of electricity cost:

    • Hawaii, New York and Alaska topped all states with the highest electricity prices for 2015
    • Connecticut didn’t fall to far behind the top 3 for most expensive, ranking 48th for the 2015 highest electricity price. Connecticut also ranked 43rd for most expensive electricity cost per month at an average of $142 per month
    • Pennsylvania and Maryland ranked towards the middle of the pack in terms of total energy expense but came in at 34th and 42nd for monthly electricity cost
    • Even though Massachusetts ranked extremely high in terms of total energy; for monthly electricity cost MA ranked 14th coming in at an average of $108 per month
    • The top 3 states with the lowest electricity prices for 2015 are Washington, North Dakota and Idaho

    Whether you are in a state with high or low electricity costs, be sure to check back for electricity shopping and saving tips!