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Small Business Electricity Rates

Updated: 10/14/2021

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When you are growing a small business, predictable energy costs are one of many factors that can help you run your business more efficiently. If your business is in a state with Energy Choice, you benefit from being able to switch electricity providers. When you make the switch, you can lock in a better rate than what you're currently paying and avoid untimely rate hikes on your electricity bill. Keep reading to learn more about electricity rates for small businesses. You can also call (888) 480-7758 to speak with an Energy Advisor and see how you can save!

How Energy Choice Works For Small Businesses

In a deregulated market, local utilities still deliver electricity. However, customers have the option to switch electricity providers, giving them control over their electricity supply. This means that if you are not happy with your small business electricity rate, you can look for a lower rate and save on your electricity bill. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a whole host of benefits Energy Choice brings that your small business can take advantage of.

Benefits Of Switching Business Electricity Providers

When you take the step to switch business electricity providers, the first thing you will notice is the number of options available to you. This allows you to find an electricity plan that works for your business.

Price Protection with Fixed-Rate Electricity

The default electricity supply rate charged by your utility changes periodically. This makes your business susceptible to unexpected rate hikes that can significantly increase your energy costs. Fixed-rate electricity plans allow you to lock in your electricity supply rate for the length of the contract. When you switch to a fixed-rate plan, you can rest assured that the volatile electricity rate market will not disturb your or your business.

Saving On Your Small Business Electricity Bill

In deregulated energy markets, business electricity providers compete for your business. As a business owner, you benefit from this competition by enjoying lower rates and other incentives offered to get you to sign up. Savings on your electricity supply rate can reach up to 35%+ over what you're paying to your local utility by default.

Supporting the Environment with 100% Renewable Energy

Today, businesses of all sizes are expected to do what they can to cut their carbon footprint. To the small business owner, this may sound like a hassle that you don't have the time to deal with. When you switch to a 100% renewable energy provider, your electricity usage is offset by Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) purchased by your electricity provider on your behalf. REC’s help grow the production of renewable energy and ensure more green power enters the electricity grid. If clean energy and a more sustainable future align with you or your businesses values – a 100% renewable energy plan may be a great option!

How To Switch Small Business Electricity Providers is here to help you find the perfect business electricity rates and realize all of the benefits we’ve outlined above. How to get a custom business small business energy quote

Call (888) 480-7758 for a free custom quote from an Energy Advisor. They’ll discuss your specific business’s needs including your monthly energy usage, and provide the best rate options. Electricity Rates for Commercial Businesses If you’re in charge of managing energy costs for a large, or commercial business that has an average energy bill of $2500+ per month – click here to learn more about commercial electricity rates.

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