If you are among the 10 million Oncor customers across Texas, you are eligible to participate in electric choice by switching to a retail electricity provider for the supply side of your electric service. When shopping around for a new provider, you’ll find that many providers are offering better rates than what you’re currently paying as well as more customized, flexible plans that can better fit your electricity needs.

No matter who supplies your electricity, Oncor will continue to deliver your electricity with the same reliability as before. Because of deregulation in Texas, Oncor is only permitted to profit from the distribution and transmission of electricity and not the actual supply of electricity, so there is no incentive for the utility to compete for your business as a supply customer.

Continue on to learn more about Oncor, why you should switch, how to compare providers, and how to switch. Once you’ve selected the best provider for your needs, the switching process is simple and should only take a few minutes of your time.

Oncor Service Territory






Oncor delivers electricity to dozens of counties in east, west, and north-central areas of Texas. Major areas include:

  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Killeen
  • Midland
  • Odessa
  • Tyler
  • Waco                                                                                                                                   Source: Oncor
  • Wichita Falls

The Benefits of Switching to a Retail Electricity Provider

The greatest benefit of switching is the potential to save on your electricity costs. When an area becomes deregulated, retail electricity providers are able to enter the market to compete for your business. This competition drives providers to offer lower rates, more flexible and customized plans, and more innovative products and services to help you manage your service and monitor and reduce you electric consumption.

Through electric choice, you benefit through:

        • The choice between different retail electricity providers
        • The choice between different rate plans offered by each provider
        • Better control and customization of your plan
        • The same reliability of  service and delivery by Oncor

Selecting the Best Provider for You

We’re not here to tell you which provider to choose, but here at we’ve can provide you with useful information that can help you made a more educated decision. We also have a FREE Compare & Switch tool at the top of each page for your convenience. This tool presents you with some of the best retail electricity providers in your area, their plans, and their rates. To use the tool, enter your zip code into the orange box and click “Compare”. After you’ve selected Oncor as your utility, you’ll see a list of providers along with supporting pricing information.

Of course, you’ll want to find a plan that has a lower rate than what you’re paying – your “Price-to-Compare”. Keep in mind, though that rate pricing isn’t everything. The length of the contract, the type of rates (fixed v. variable), the source of energy (traditional v. renewable), and other factors, such as early termination fees and sign-up bonuses should be taken into account as well. To learn more, here are some articles that you will find useful in helping you decide which retail electricity provider is best for you:

How to Make the Switch

After you’ve selected the right retail electricity provider for your particular needs, switching is easy. If you have selected a provider through using our Compare & Switch tool, you can sign up directly through an online form. Otherwise, you can call your provider of choice or sign up through their website, if available. No matter how you switch, have your account information on hand, which can be found on your most recent electric bill. After you’ve made the switch, your new provider will contact Oncor so you won’t have to.

Remember, the reliability of your electric service will NOT change, since distribution and transmission are the responsibility of Oncor. You’ll still call the utility when there are issues such as power outages and downed power lines, and you should continue to receive your utility bill from Oncor. The only actual change is the different rate on your electric bill, which will appear in one to two billing cycles.