How to Switch Electricity Providers


How to Switch Electricity Providers

If you have decided to switch electricity providers, you are on your way to more savings and greater control over your electricity bill. The procedure for switching takes only three simple steps.

1. Enter Your Zip Code

Through our free compare & switch tool, we make it easy to compare some of the best retail electricity providers available to you. If you scroll to the right, you’ll see an orange box. Type in your zip code, select your utility, and you will be able to view electricity providers with competitive rates available in your service area.

2. Compare Electricity Providers

Once the rates appear for your service area, you can compare the different electric plans in accordance with each electricity provider.

Remember, finding the best electricity plan is not just a matter of selecting the lowest rate from a list. Rate certainly matters, but you will want to make sure that all aspects of the company and contract work for you. Other features to compare include the type of plan (fixed or variable), signup bonus, contract length, rate changes, and energy source.

In another section, we go into greater detail on how to compare and evaluate retail electricity providers.

3. Switch Electricity Providers

If you find an electricity provider through our free compare & switch tool, you are able to sign up directly online. You can complete the process of switching providers in about five minutes. Simply fill out the two step form and you are on your way to electric savings!

When you decide to switch electricity providers, make sure to have a copy of your most recent utility bill on hand so you can give the provider your account information. Click here to learn where to find your account number for several major utilities.

The new provider will take care of the paperwork. You do not need to meet with anyone in person or have anything installed in your electric meter. There is no need to contact your utility since the provider will inform them of the new arrangement.

The new rate will show up on your monthly electricity bill in one to two billing cycles. You will still be paying  your utility company for delivering your electricity, but most of the money will be attributed to the new company. It still all comes on one electric bill, created by the utility company, which you can pay in the same way as you did before.

Notes of Precaution

Be careful if you switch  electricity providers in a short period of time. Pay careful attention to the agreements you are getting into, since some of them carry cancellation fees. Never give away your account information to a salesperson going door-to-door unless you are absolutely sure you that you want to sign up with that company. Unfortunately, some companies’ sales persons are using misleading sales tactics to gain customers. Never give your account number or other personal information to anyone unless you are certain that you want to make the switch.