Switch Providers

Why Should I Switch?

Switching to a new electricity provider can lower your electric costs compared to your default utility. Beyond the utility, there is a whole market of alternative providers actively competing with each other to offer you an attractive low rate on your electricity.

You might also be able to find an electricity contract that appeals to you for other reasons. When you compare different offers, you’ll find that each of them has its pros and cons. Some of them involve signup bonuses that mean immediate savings for you. Others might be appealing because of the power source they use; if you feel like going green, you can find a provider that guarantees you electricity exclusively from a wind farm or a solar plant.

What Exactly Will Happen?

The only difference when you switch electricity companies is the source of the electricity and different rates on your monthly bill.

Your electricity still travels through the same wires and  is delivered by your local utility. Your utility is still bound by the same legal obligation to maintain your service; you won’t be forced to suffer through a blackout longer than your neighbors because you have a different electricity supplier.

OK, How Do I Switch?

ElectricityRates.com provides you with the ability to locate electricity providers in your area and check out the different plans they offer. Simply type in your zip code to see a variety of options near you. Once you’ve figured out a plan that works best for you, very little work is required. Simply complete our two-step form and you’re set to start paying a lower price on your electricity. This process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Where Can I Switch? (Or, Can I Switch At All?)

Currently, not every household is at liberty to switch electricity companies. Check out this map to see what states have deregulated electricity markets (even in deregulated states, not every area has a fully open market0). The politics of deregulation are changing as the successes in Texas and Pennsylvania inspire other areas to try out an open electricity market. If you’re not free to switch now, check back here later to see if new options have opened up.