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we bring you the best electric rates for all deregulated energy states

We Bring You The Best Electricity Rates

At, we are dedicated to bringing you the very best electric rates in all of the deregulated energy states. It doesn’t matter if you are price shopping or looking to go eco-friendly with a 100% green energy plan, we are here day and night finding you the best options to fit your needs. All you have to do is type in your zip code and we bring you all the plans available in a well organized fashion. Our analysts will always provide you our “Top Pick” at the top of the marketplace based on a number of factors including price, term, fees, etc. We also provide you the best “Green Plan” at the top of the marketplace for those looking for renewable energy plans. Our goal is to make searching and switching electricity providers fast and easy while providing you all the information to select the best plan for you.

You Have Options

Utility costs have been rising around the country for a number of reasons, whether it is to help utilities pay for expensive new grid modernization projects, to offset higher costs on the generation end of things, or to better match the electricity rates of other utilities.

However, these electricity price hikes do not have to affect homeowners or businesses living in states with energy deregulation laws, which allow residents to shop around for the best electricity rates and to choose a plan that suits their energy needs. Often, this can be accomplished by going online to a website like ours that allows users to compare electricity rates side by side. These sites list the rates of retail energy providers – or independent companies that sell power purchased at wholesale prices – that are available in their region. Although energy deregulation policies are in place in several regions around the country, many people still do not take advantage of all that a deregulated market has to offer.

Comparing Electricity Rates

When comparing electricity costs, there are a few key factors residents should look into, which could ultimately make or break a contract with an electricity provider. Before signing up with a program, the length of a contract should be determined, as well as any change in rate that may occur over the course of the contract period. Because competition in these states is so stiff, many companies will provide signup incentives and bonuses, which can often entice customers to switch.

To find electric rates in your area, enter your zip code in on our home page and select your utility. As mentioned above, not all states are deregulated so your region may not offer any rates but it is certainly worthwhile to check! If you happen to have any questions or need assistance, please contact our customer support team via email at