Ambit Energy

The company provides electricity and natural gas to customers in deregulated markets, including Texas, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.


About The Company

Ambit was founded in 2006 by Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless at a Potbelly’s in Addison, Texas. Both of these individuals got their business experience in the telecommunications industry when it was undergoing deregulation.

After establishing a headquarters in Dallas, the company grew rapidly, earning hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue by 2008. In 2010 it was considered one of America’s fastest-growing companies. It’s still on the rise.


Electricity Services

Ambit offers basic variable-rate plans that change from month to month along with the market. Some plans require you to commit for a certain amount of time, such as a year; others allow you to pay monthly without making any sort of long-term plan.

Customers in most areas can also choose from green plans - plans that source your electricity from renewable energy plants. Most of Ambit’s green plans come from 100 percent renewable sources. Ambit also offers an Average Billing option that allows customers to smooth out the difference between winter and summer with an average year-round cost.


Sign Up With Ambit

Customers can sign up for Ambit in the same way that they can sign up for any alternative energy provider. (That is, easily!) But Ambit also makes it easy to start working for them. They encourage people to sign up as associates, then earn energy discounts and other rewards by signing up their friends and family.

Specifically, users begin receiving a credit towards their energy once they have signed up fifteen new customers. They receive a credit equal to the average bill payments of these fifteen. This system applies to customers for electricity and natural gas, but doesn’t combine between the two. Users get credits towards air travel after signup up only five new users!