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About Clean Current Energy

Clean Current Energy is a small electricity provider supplying power to homes and businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region. It opened in 2005 and operates out of Montgomery County. The company now serves over 7000 residential customers and 500 businesses.

The company places a special focus on green energy—it offsets emissions and does its best to run its own business with a small footprint.

Clean Current Energy prides itself on supporting America’s developing wind power industry. The company also claims a leadership role in seeking legislative action to protect renewable energy. It works with environmental advocacy groups, including the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters and Efficiency First to seek changes in policy. Gary Skulnik, the president of the company, helped to write the Maryland and DC Renewable Portfolio Standards.

Clean Current Energy also organizes an event called the Green Neighborhood Challenge, which encourages communities to make their way towards sustainable use of energy and other resources.

Clean Current Electricity Services

For Your Home

Clean Current Energy currently has all fixed rate plans. Unlike other companies, which mostly charge a price based on fluctuations in the market, Clean Current offers you a rate (per kilowatt hour) that you’ll pay for the duration of your contract with them.

The company offers two major plans, both of which come in 50 or 100 percent renewable options:

  • Neighborhood Wind involves buying wind power from local sources within the Maryland electrical grid.
  • National Wind RECs means your power comes from a miscellaneous local source, but that Clean Current will offset it with the purchase of wind power from elsewhere in the country.

For Your Business

You can negotiate with Clean Current to get a good rate on green electricity for your business. Not only can you save money by negotiating a bulk contract, you can improve your brand by associating with a trusted source of renewable electricity.

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