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Electricity providers for businesses offer a large number of electric options. Due to the large amount of energy that they use, electricity providers tend to negotiate for business service and they also tend to compete to offer businesses service. While comparing business electricity prices may seem a bit more involved, it can be extremely worthwhile to take the time to compare electricity providers and rates. To start comparing business electricity providers, you can call our leading commercial energy comparison partner, 5, at (888) 370-5432.

Business Electricity Rates

Business electricity suppliers understand that companies have different power requirements. This means that you may need more or less power than a household will need. For example, a seasonal business will use more power only at certain times of the year. A retailer will only use power during the day, while a bar will use more power at night. Electricity providers take all of this into consideration to give you personalized  business electricity rates for you.

Compare Business Electricity Suppliers

Comparing electricity providers can be a great way to save money.  Here are a few tips for you to consider while comparing business electricity suppliers:

  • Small business energy needs are much the same as residential ones. If you are a smaller company, you can input your zip code into our free compare and switch tool and get the different prices in your area to compare.
  • Larger businesses can get started by completing our quote request form located at the top right of this page. Once your form is received, our savings advisers will take care of the rest with our no obligation comparison process. Our advisers will work with a variety of electricity providers to negotiate the best possible electricity rates for your business. They will base your rates on whether you want a fixed or variable rate plan, renewable or standard energy, as well as your energy usage.
  • Even in a state that does not have a deregulated energy market, you may still be able to choose your own electricity provider. Take the time to compare rates and providers.

Choose your electricity provider to get the best deal for you and your needs. By taking the time to compare electricity prices offered by different providers, you should be able to decrease your electric bills and use the energy source that you want. Still have questions? We have partnered with 5 for all your business comparison needs. Give 5 a call today to get a custom quote at (888) 370-5432.