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Blue Star Energy Solutions

About BlueStar Energy Solutions

Electricity deregulation has been a relief for many homeowners around the U.S, particularly those in the northeast who have had to deal with perennially high electricity rates. But some of the biggest winners from competition were the ones with the biggest electricity bills, the commercial and industrial sectors. And one of the biggest names in that market is BlueStar Energy Solutions.

BlueStar Energy was first founded in 2002 when competition for business electricity in Illinois was in full swing, and the company has since become one of the fastest-growing electricity providers in the country on the back of its diverse energy management resources.

BlueStar Energy is based out of Chicago, Illinois, where large businesses have had the option to switch electricity providers for more than a decade and a half, but residential customers have only had the same opportunity for the past few years.

As a result, BlueStar still only offers residential electricity rates in Illinois and Pennsylvania, two of the fastest-expanding deregulated markets. However, it also offers lower electricity rates for small businesses and companies in other areas around the northeast, like Ohio and New Jersey.

BlueStar Electricity Services

For residential and small business customers, BlueStar emphasizes fixed electricity rates that can help keep electricity bills stable, though it also offers the opportunity to pay slightly more for renewable electricity. For larger commercial customers, however, the company offers a variety of electricity rates to best fit the needs of the company, from fixed rates to variable rates to a combination of the two that allows businesses to purchase a portion of their power at a fixed rate.

On top of these services, BlueStar also specializes in energy management, helping businesses analyze their energy usage to better control their costs, whether that is through energy efficiency projects, solar power installations or programs that pay them to reduce energy usage.