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About American Power Partners

Formed in 2011, American Power Partners (APP) was created out of a company that had been serving discount electricity in New York State for eight years.

American Power Partners is itself partnered with SmartGrid, a company that optimizes large transaction in the energy market. SmartGrid has, for example, a program that pays certain electricity consumers to reduce their usage during times of possible shortage.

The company is licensed by the Maryland Public Service Commission and meets marketing certification required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

APP Electricity Services

For Homes

APP offers two main programs: Guaranteed Savings and Green Current.

  • The Guaranteed Savings Program, as the name suggests, is guaranteed to save you money in a certain percentage relative to your default electricity company. There’s actually no long-term contract; you pay from month to month and you can cancel, for free, whenever you want. Prices will vary along with the market.
  • The Green Current Program is a month-to-month program with variable rates that are based on market conditions. Those who sign up recieve at least25% of their electricity from renewable sources, including wind, solar, small hydro, or biomass.If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel at any time, with no pentalty.

For Businesses

APP puts businesses into two different basic classes. If you own a business and your electric bills are higher than $20,000 a month, you simply contact the company directly to negotiate a contract. Your business is valuable enough to APP that they’ll be willing to talk directly about your needs and specific usage patterns.

If you pay under $20,000 a month, the rates are a little more fixed. They’re still guaranteed to be lower than the rates you currently pay to your local utility. These contracts, also, do not come with cancellation fees.

Sign Up With American Power Partners

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